Spotlight - Vince Handbags

If you were to ask me what my five favorite fashion brands or companies are, with out a doubt, Vince would be on the top of that list. I would buy everything they sell if I could! Their cashmere sweaters are heaven; I live in this basic black v-neck and this blue pullover. From tops, bottoms to outerwear all their pieces are wonderful. Simple, classic and always worth the investment. Nothing is ever too trendy so you know that the piece you purchase will last you year after year (justifying the higher price tag.)

It goes back to the question, whether to splurge or buy on a budget? Obviously different circumstances and items apply in different categories. Lately, I have been trying to limit my purchases of lower priced items that only last a season, and instead, save up for a piece that I will wear year after year. I have a brown cashmere sweater from Vince that I live in (I am not joking I probably wear it multiple times a week) and I have had it for over two years but it is still as good as new. Can you say that about the sweater you bought from Zara? I bet not.

So back to Vince...they just released their first line of handbags, and let me tell you they do not disapoint. Following their same minimalistic and basic style, these leather bags are sure to last! They have only released a few styles...but when you think about it, ideally that is all you would need: a great tote and a simple crossbody. While, like I said before, I would happily take one of each! I think my favorite is the light grey crossbody (christmas list?!) What do you think, will one of these handbags find a way into your closet?

A.     Vince Baby Crossbody     B.  Vince Stamped Croc Medium E/W Tote     C.    Vince Medium E/W Tote