Spotlight - Everything Red

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Happy September! I hope that you all are having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Can you believe that Summer has passed and it is now the start of Autumn?!

The changing of the seasons always welcomes some shopping! Lately I have worked hard to build a closet full of neutral basics and then adding pops of color. When buying colorful pieces for my closet I feel as though I constantly turn to shades of green or blue. But in the past few weeks I have noticed that I have been really drawn to red!

I barely have any red pieces in my closet, so this Madewell Dress (#8) and J.Crew Sweater (#3) will hopefully be great additions. It's funny though, what colors you gravitate to and others that you almost always stay away from. It seems almost to be due to habit sometimes more than anything else. After having gone shopping and grabbed a few red pieces, I have seemed to been eyeing more and more that I love. I noticed that my Keep Account, where I keep track of all my shopping favorites and wish lists, was equally composed of more red than I am used to. But when you find so many great pieces like the ones could you resist?

Do you all have go to colors and others that you often stay away from?