Outdoor Dinner Party

Last weekend, my friend Izzy and I threw an outdoor garden dinner party. It was relatively spur of the moment, we simply decided earlier in the week that it would be fun to have people over for dinner and why not eat outside in Izzy's beautiful garden instead of inside. On Wednesday we started to plan the menu  and went and picked fresh flowers form a local farm. Then friday came and we pulled everything together; made flower arrangements,  set the table, seating arrangements and more. We wanted the dinner to have a very laid back and summery feel so we went with classic mason jars, candles and mix of colors throughout the flowers and table linens.

We were so happy with how everything turned out, the table in the garden was even better than we imagined. So of course during all of this, I made sure to take photographs so I could share images here on the blog. I thought I would share some general images today and then follow up with another post about details of the decoration for the party later this week. Hope you all enjoy taking a peek at the party set up!

- all images taken by Nan and friends for Simply Elegant Blog -