Scenes from the Weekend

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Sorry for the radio silence over here for a few days. Last minute I headed off to New York City for a night and then out to the beach for the weekend. It was so great to see friends from school while I was in the city and then when I was out in Long Island I was staying with some of my best high school friends. I love how with good friends, even though you may not have seen them in months, you quickly fall right back into place and it is like no time has past!

Continue to check back throughout the week as I will (hopefully!) be back to my regular posting schedule! Happy Tuesday     xo Nan

 String lights in the barn, perfection.

How perfect is this party decoration, hanging mason jars from trees with candles.

How beautiful is my friend's maxi dress, perfect for Sunday brunch.

- this Roberta Roller Rabbit dress is now sold out, but this maxi is similar -