Scenes from the Weekend

Sceenes from the Weekend while at the pool with vogue, opposite of lonelines, robberta roller rabbit I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was all over the place.. I headed out of Boston to spend the afternoon at home to relax for a bit! It was great to see my parents and get a chance to relax and soak up some sun by the pool. The great afternoon took a bit of bad turn as I was driving back into the city that afternoon and I had car trouble....ughh! So for the next three hours I spent some quality time in a random parking lot waiting for AAA to come and tow the car.. (so lets just say not the highlight of my weekend. But the morning by the pool was great!)

I of course had to be all organized for the pool. With some magazines, a great new book that I picked up. Have you all heard of The Opposite of Loneliness? The creation of the book is worth learning about and the book itself is great. And then of course one of my go-to Roberta Roller Rabbit coverups.

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Do you all have a favorite beach bag? I love this straw version from J.Crew or this great patterned option, but sometimes I just opt for the tried and true classic; the L.L. Bean tote. As you can see this one has received a lot of love over the years!

View of Boston, boston ocean and charles river, summer in boston

After the car troubles on Friday, the weekend started to look up again on Saturday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (a bit hot) so we took the opportunity to go for a nice walk and head over to Cambridge. It is so nice how almost wherever you are in Boston it is only a short walk to the water!

Weekend in Cambridge Boston, Tatte Bakery, Sunday morning,

The goal of our trip to Cambridge was to check out Tatte Bakery and oh my gosh was it amazing! I had never been before but it was on the top of my list, and it did not disappoint. Such beautiful interior design and delicious food!

Boston Charles River, Iced Coffee and Madewell, Summer and Sunshine, fashion blog Boston Charles River, Summer in Boston, wearing madeweell, weekend fashion

When we walked back from Cambridge went over Longfellow Bridge and were able to enjoy the great views again with our coffee in hand.

I am wearing one of my favorite summer looks, a simple tunic and a pair of shorts. I love this great white top from Madewell that I picked up from last summer (no longer available.) But Old Navy has this (almost too) similar option, or this blue embroidered tunic, I am also loving J.Crew's eyelet tunic.

Boston Sowa Market, Summer farmers market, South Boston, Boston weekend Summer in Boston, Sowa farmers market south end boston, fresh vegtables, tomatoes


As the weekend progressed we headed over to one of our favorite weekend activities, the SOWA market. If you live around the South End or in Boston as a whole I would totally suggest this great outdoor market that happens every Sunday throughout the warmer months. With food trucks, fresh produce, and artisan products. We picked up these gorgeous summer cherry tomatoes. We the skipped on the food trucks (the lines were just a bit to long for the hot weather) and instead grabbed a great brunch at The Gallows.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!! Any fun adventures? Hopefully you all were a bit luckier than me in relation to the car troubles.. but I am happy to say the rest of the weekend other than those few hours on Friday afternoon were great. As my dad would say the car trouble "was a learning opportunity" so at least he could find the bright side! ha.

Check back later and I'll be sharing some more of my favorite Father's Day gift ides!

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