Take Note


Have you all spotted this great article by Zosia Mamet floating around the web? Girls actress, Zosia Mamet shares her thoughts on "why she won't lean in" in her bi-monthly column in Glamour magazine.

Zosia is posing some strong questions and very fair points about the life of a woman today and how most women strive to do it all, and do it perfectly..

In contrast she proposes that as women we should support each other full heartedly and know that every job and every life has moments of immense difficulty and immense joy. And whether you are a Hollywood actress or a Vermont bakery shop owner, your life choices are just as admirable and important.

I thought all her points were spot on! Check out the full article here and let me know what you think?!

- image via InStyle Magazine, graphic designed by Nan for Simply Elegant, and if you have $1,000+ laying around, or if you are just like me and really just curious...here is a version of the Stella McCartney dress she is wearing! -

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