Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper Collection


While I was scrolling through my instagram feed yesterday I cam across of post by Anna Rifle Bond.  I automatically took a second look because I usually love what she posts. I am so glad took the time to really truly look at her instagram because she shared a video of all the various wallpapers that they released TODAY! A few weeks back I heard that they were creating a collection and ever sense then I was so intrigued to see how Anna's beautiful illustrations would be transfer to a repeating pattern.

And as all ways, Rifle Paper Co. never ceases to impress, the collection is amazing! Featuring 6 prints in various color ways I honestly think I could find a use for all of them. But above I pulled out my favorites and even added some ideas of where I would potentially use the wallpaper...now if only I had a space to wallpaper...

Which one is your favorite?

Sources // Queen Anne in Ebony   -    Safari in Blush    -    Pineapple in Blue    -     Peonies in Yellow    -    Rosa in Indigo    -    Peonies in Pale Blue     //     Shop the entire Wallpaper Collection

- all images via Rifle Paper Co. - 

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