Amber Valletta's California Home

032414-amber-valletta-home-1-567 032414-amber-valletta-home-3-567 032414-amber-valletta-home-4-567 032414-amber-valletta-home-13-567 032414-amber-valletta-home-7-567 032414-amber-valletta-home-8-567 I just came across an InStyle article the featuring model and actress, Amber Valletta's home. At first I couldn't think of what movies I had seen her in, but then after a little imdb search I was reminded that she played Allegra in that movie Hitch. (Which I wouldn't initially think is from that long ago..but it was made in 2005..thats 9 years, wow!) Anyway, I am in love with her refined yet fun and bright home. When I cam across the final image of her bedroom it looked so familiar and I quickly realized that it was in Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators last season. I found this videoΒ where you can see Jeffery Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy walk through the design. I dont think that I would ever in a million years chose a bright pink for a bedroom, or really any room for that matter, but somehow it works really well here.

- all images via InStyle -

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