Weekend in Boston

008009006 007012004011010        Last weekend I took a quick break from school and headed down to Boston to spend the weekend visiting my brother. It was so great to see him and to get a bit of a break from college life. Every time I visit him in the South End, I love the neighborhood more and more.

        We grabbed breakfast treats from our favorite bakeries, Flour and the South End Buttery. I sneaked out for a little me time and had a great facial at Skoah, a company originally from Vancouver that now has outposts in Boston and Seattle. I have had facials at various locations in and around Boston and Skoah's are some of my favorites, their skin care products are great too! On the skincare front I also stopped by another favorite store, Follain. The store opened this past summer and focusses on natural and healthy beauty products from US brands ranging from Tammy Fender to SW Basics. I stopped in to pick up some more Rahua Shampoo that I have been using since I first tried it a few months back. Follain doesn't have a online store but I believe you can make phone orders. However, if you are ever in the area I would suggest stopping by-not only do they have great products but the interior of the store is also gorgeous!

         Our weekend continued with a few more great meals; we had a yummy Italian dinner at Coppa on Friday and then went to one of our favorite brunch spots, Union, on Sunday. On Saturday we had a really fun time going to a Burins game, even though we were bummed that they lost to the Capitols. After brunch on Sunday I dragged my brother into one of my other favorite South End stores, Hudson, a fabulous interior design store (check out this old blog post.) I cant believe how quickly the weekend flew by, it was so nice to have some time in the city after being up in good old rural Vermont and so great to see my brother!

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