I just recently came across the new clothing brand, Trademark. Founded just last year by sisters Alexandra and Louisa Burch is described as "a new American sportswear company." And if your thinking the same thing I was, yes their last name does sound familiar.  Their father is Christopher Burch, of Burch Creative Capital (or what you would probably know as C.Wonder and Poppin) and their former stepmother is Tory Burch, so the fashion bug definetly runs in the family.

While the clothing is a bit more modern than clothing I usually wear, I am really loving some of their accessories! For example, the simple and classic leather bags and the "wishbone" jewelry. I especially have my eye on the gold wishbone cuff (THREE). Check out their website to see the full lookbook and to purchase the collection which launched exclusively online but will later be sold in a storefront in New York City.

ONE    -     TWO     -      THREE    -     FOUR

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